Aside from the annual trends are the monthly colors of the year... while annual trends cover the entire year the holidays and season flood your lives with alternative celebratory colors and the seasonal changes.

The four cross-quarter days with major monthly holidays.

New Years (January 1), Groundhog Day (February 2), Valentines Day (February 14),

March 21 Vernal Spring Equinox, 17 St. Patrick's Day (March 17), Mother's Day (May 10th), Memorial Day (last Monday in May),

June 22 Summer Solstice, Father's Day (June 20th), Independence Day (July 4th), Women's Equality Day (August 26),

Sept 23 Autumnal Equinox, Labor Day (first Sunday in September), Halloween (October 31), Thanksgiving (November 28), Black Friday, Cyber Monday,

December 22 Winter Solstice, Christmas (December 25th). New Years (January 1), Groundhog Day (February 2), Valentines Day (February 14).

Or otherwise referred to in the Northern Hemisphere as the March equinox is called the vernal or spring equinox while the September equinox is called the autumnal or fall equinox but exact days can vary.


It is important to keep cool in the hot summer and

warm in the freezing cold winter when you are

working outside regardless of trends!

Warm colors are red, orange, plum, pink, lime-green, yellow.

Cool colors are purple, sky-cyan, olive-green, aqua, violet.

Darker colors can be worn in the winter to draw in warmth from the sun while lighter colors reflect heat from the hot summer sun.


January, second winter month, top off the new year party celebrations in the prime of winter canopy of golds, golden yellow, lime green off white, creams, with plum, dark maroon, hunter green colors.


February, last winter month, paints the month with love of Valentines Day dominated with bright red and whites, violet, light blue, yellows and purple.


March 1, start of spring, while the vernal equinox begins near the 20th each year offers the of spring with yellows, reds, and greens.


April, second month of spring, the start of spring colors are layered clothes still a little nippy so wormer darker color textiles to trap the sun's warmth.


May, ending month of spring, is a good time to take advantage of cool temperatures to wear a rainbow of colors.


June, first month of summer, bright colors of yellow, green, white, with less larger colors in designs.


July, second month of summer and America's Independent days celebrations colors of red-white-blue, light colors for textiles to keep cool in the hot sun, white, lighter pink, peach, tan, cyan, lavender, lime.


August, closing hottest summer month, bright yellows, red.


September, first autumn begins near the 20th of quarterly months, maroons, plums, yellow, lime green.


October, second autumn month, Halloween, masks with oranges, rustic, black, yellow, white.


November, third autumn month, Thanksgiving, beige, orange, golden-yellow or amber-yellow, olive-green in various shades.


December, first winter month, celebrate Christmas holiday parties colors,,,ivory-white, red, green, blue, greens.